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Is Shar Pei Training Really Neccessary?

If you’re considering adopting a Shar Pei, or even if you’ve already brought one home, you may have asked yourself the question “do I really need to train him?”. The quick answer to this question, is “yes”. In fact, no matter what breed of dog you have, it’s very important to teach some basic commands and behaviors in order to coexist happily, comfortably, and safely. When you really think about it, whether you actually take your Shar Pei to a formal training course or not, you will be providing that dog with a form of training. The problem is that if you don’t add a bit of formal obedience training into the mix, you won’t know whether this teaching is for behaviors that you want or not. After all, without consciously knowing what you’re doing, you could be sending your dog the message that you are a pushover and that he or...

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