Shar pei training is a must because this is not a breed you can leave to his own devices.  Without the necessary obedient education, social structuring and socialization, he can develop many temperament issues that can lead to serious behavioral problems, such as aggression.

What is dog aggression?  It is when someone or something is perceived as a threat and the pooch responds by growling, snarling, snapping and biting.  This behavior is one that often stems from anxiety and fear caused by a lack of shar pei training and social guidance.

Dogs can become aggressive towards strangers, other animals and even their own pack – you and your family.   Little is more frightening than worrying about your pet becoming angry and attacking you or someone you love.  Therefore, providing your sharpei with direction and understanding through the proper instruction is something that needs to start early and be taken seriously.  After all, preventing aggressiveness is far easier than requiring behavioral modification once the negative habit already exists.

When should you begin shar pei training?  As soon as you welcome your pup home you should introduce him to a gentle and consistent education that consists of…

·   Obedience – The essential lessons that should be taught include: Sit, Down, Come, Stay, Heel and Off.  There are many other commands you can teach your companion, so you do not need to restrict him only to those listed above.  However, keep in mind that the basics provides you with control and teaches your pal manners and boosts his confidence.

·   Diverse Socializing – Part of shar pei training is to make sure that he experiences many situations where he meets and is in the company of other people and pets outside of his pack.  He must be allowed to sniff and approach new individuals at his own pace and should not be forced into acceptance, as this generates anxiety.  Walk him in public areas and let him take in the world around him.  Be calm when in the presence of a stranger and instruct them on how to greet your animal.    Have him interact with others both outside and inside your home.

·   Understanding family hierarchy – Canines look at the world in terms of social hierarchy, which means you need to make it clear to them how the order works or they’ll attempt to figure out and establish one on their own.  Never forget that one of your four-legged buddy’s goals in life is to become leader of the pack.  Therefore, you have to show him you are in charge.  Your desires and your needs come before his all the time (For instance, you should enter rooms before him, eat before feeding him, etc.). If this is not made plain you will not command his respect.  This lesson must also be taught to other people in your household so they don’t let the poochie walk all over them.

Last but not least, always remember that shar pei training is about consistency.  The more constant you are with your rules and teachings, the less chance for confusion, anxiety and carelessness.  Your buddy will test you, which means you cannot let him get away with anything, even when he’s a puppy.  Loving your pal means wanting to give him the best life and such a life requires obedience.