Puppies are not for everyone and acquiring a pet from the local shar pei rescue is what some consider to be the ideal choice for their lifestyle and family.  If this is what you have decided, hopefully you feel good knowing that you are not only filling your life with the joy of dog ownership but are also giving a pooch a second chance at happiness.  Rescuing dogs is a wonderful thing and is something that anyone should be proud to do.

With that in mind, however, there is an extremely important factor about a shar pei rescue that you cannot overlook – many of these dogs have been abandoned or surrendered because the owners couldn’t handle them and didn’t invest the time that was needed to help develop the canine into a credit to his breed.  As a result, some rescue sharpeis can prove to be quite the handful and will be in need of serious training.

Understand, in most cases the type of instruction that is being referred to here isn’t simply obedience commands, but actual behavior modification.  Canines that have developed aggression need to learn a whole new level of trust and understanding before they can break old, negative habits.  Unfortunately, due to their instinctive dominant and brave nature, sharpeis who have never known strong leadership and are left to their own devices can become aggressive and difficult to control.

Since this is a possibility, and many of the pooches at the shar pei rescue come from neglected backgrounds, you need to make sure that the potential companion you may be adopting doesn’t have serious behavioral issues you should know about before taking him home.  Thus, as a precaution, you need to insist on visiting your possible pet and interacting with him a few times prior to solidifying the adoption.  This should not be a problem, as all reputable rescues should support this, as well as encourage you to introduce your other family members to him.

When it comes to achieving shar pei rescue success where everyone involved walks away a winner, your primary objective is to make certain you are fully prepared for the pooch and there are no unexpected surprises that would result in his return to the shelter.