Is owning a shar pei puppy right for you?  This is a question that essentially only you can answer.  To make the yes or no discovery you need to take a close look at two very important factors, which include:  One – can you meet the demands of a puppy? Two – is the sharpei breed the right fit for your lifestyle?

First, let’s take a look at the shar pei puppy factor to see if you can handle a pup.  Ask yourself the following:

•    Am I willing to take time off work to stay with him?  Puppies shouldn’t be left by themselves for hours at a time.  8 hour jobs are not suitable to puppy care.  Someone should be home.

•    Do I  know how much the dog will cost?  Have you taken into account the purchase cost of the animal, vet bills, food, toys, crate, leash, collar and other accessories, replacing personal/household items that will be destroyed, etc.?

•    Will I be fine knowing that some of the things in my home will be destroyed, chewed and eliminated on?

•    Can I handle being the dog’s primary caregiver?  You are responsible for the animal’s wellbeing, regardless of who you may have attained it for.

Now you need to ask yourself why you want a shar pei puppy and not another breed:

•    Am I being pressured by someone in my family to select this particular pooch because it’s cute?  This type of canine can be quite the handful and very domineering without the proper guidance.

•    Are my children old enough to respect and train a dog?  The sharpei is very stubborn and though loving to his family he will not respect or listen to anyone in the household who does not make their authority over him evident.  Small children tend to be pushed around by this pooch, which can lead to problems.

•    Will I take the time to groom the shar pei puppy on a regular basis?  One of the features about this pet that tends to be a favourite among owners is their wrinkles.  While very endearing they can be a lot of work because if they are not inspected and cleaned daily, bacteria can build up and infections can occur.

•    Is my home large enough?  Though not one of the largest canines in the world, the Chinese sharpei is very energetic and needs to be exercised.  Therefore, if he doesn’t have a yard to run around in, he will need to be taken on a few daily walks.

Carefully think about why you want a shar pei puppy and learn everything you can about him before you take a leap that is certain to change your life.  Remember, though there is nothing wrong with taking a life changing leap, the difference is you want the adjustment to be for the better not the worse.