Shar pei puppies are wrinkly furballs that will demand your attention, frequently get into trouble and try to win your favour with their cuteness.    They can be a joy you will treasure one moment and a living nightmare the next.  These rollercoaster feelings you will experience are all part and parcel to caring for a puppy.

Nevertheless, despite what shar pei puppies may make you feel, if you want your pet to grow into a happy, loving, devoted and loyal family companion whose company you will enjoy, there are four things you need to give him in his early life to help him adjust to his new human society.  They include:

1.    Comfort and security – There are two main ways you can provide your pooch with these things.  The first is to make sure there is one place in your home where he can feel safe.  This may be the kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc.  Usually it helps when it is an open space that is well traveled allowing him to see his surroundings.  This is where his crate should be placed.

The second method for providing secure comfort is to teach shar pei puppies their place in your pack.  Dogs understand social order and they need a leader.  Obedience training will help teach him his place.  Your other family members should also be taught the right training techniques and about dog social hierarchy so everyone treats your pal in the same manner.  The less confusion for him the better.

2.    Love – Shar pei puppies thrive on love and will respond to those who give them attention and affection.  This doesn’t mean you should be constantly picking up your little buddy and cuddling him all the time.  Instead, frequent pets, ear scratches, nose kisses and sweet talking go a long way.  Don’t forget, paying attention to your dog by teaching him commands, going on walks and engaging in play is another form of affection and love.

3.    Care – Feeding and supplying him with fresh clean water, grooming, bathing and exercising him keeps shar-peis strong and healthy.  A dog in good health is a happy one and has an easier time developing.

4.    Patience – This is one of the most essential elements required for the successful development of shar pei puppies.  If you do not take the patient approach you will find it easy to become angry and fed up with a breed that will try everything in their power to test their boundaries.  Allowing negative feelings to fester can lead to your resentment, his fear and social chaos. Thus, patience is not an option, it is a necessity.