If you are on the hunt for shar pei breeders then you have hopefully done your homework and after careful deliberation have decided that this is the breed for you.  If this is the case then you should now have notable insight on the type of care this pooch requires, as well as the various characteristics, such as temperament, appearance and health concerns that are associated with him.  Thus, since you have gained a certain amount of knowledge, you should apply what you know when investigating a breeder.

First things first, bear in mind is that just because a person may breed a shar-pei does not necessarily mean they know anything about the dog or its needs.  Some people are only in the business for money.  You must be on the lookout for these nefarious shar pei breeders and avoid them.  Hence, this could mean you might have to travel quite a distance to find a trustworthy breeder.  That being said, know that an extra hour or two travel time is worth it for a healthy canine.

Not sure where to start looking for a reputable individual?  Here are some searching tips that you might find quite useful:

•    Check the breeders listed with the kennel club of your nation, as well as the sharpei club of your country. 

•    Ask a veterinarian.  If you do not have a vet, there is no time like the present to find one and ask them for recommendations regarding shar pei breeders.

•    Consult with other Chinese shar pei owners and find out where they obtained their pet and their experience with the person they purchased from.

•    Conduct an Internet search and look for websites with substantial and significant content.  Breeders who advertise online should appear just as honest in digital print as they should in person.  This doesn’t mean you should trust everything you see, but those with good intentions usually take the time to make a solid effort at providing research and information about their program.  They also tend to keep their site updated.

As you discover shar pei breeders through your search efforts, be sure to select a few that you like best.  It’s a good idea to choose more than one in case something doesn’t work out.  Once you have moved on to this phase, you will want to begin contacting the professionals and find out about their specific breeding program, how long it has been in place, why they have decided to produce sharpeis, what they have done to make their line stronger/healthier and so on.

You will also want to insist on visiting them before bringing home the dog.  This visit is not only necessary for you to meet the puppies, parents and the breeder, but to also inspect the environment where they are kept.  You should be prepared to answer questions and be ready to read and sign a contract when the deal is made.

Always remember, if you want a pet that is healthy and of a sound pedigree, you need to educate yourself about the companion you want, get the facts and investigate the shar pei breeders that interest you.