Finally, the answer to all your Shar-Pei questions…

“Living With A Chinese Shar-Pei: What Most People
Won’t Tell You About Owning A Shar-Pei -
But Every Shar-Pei Owner Should Know...

Discover, risk-free, the Shar-Pei secrets that will
make your Shar-Pei healthy, happy and obedient in just 11 days.”

What A Relief!
I just can’t believe what a difference the information in your guide has made to our relationship with Carson. We’ve gone from a point of complete mistrust, where I was too frightened to even let him off the leash, to having a happy, sociable dog – and a happy, sociable owner!! Thank you so much.
Jennifer O’Brien San Diego, CA

Dear Shar-Pei Lover,

How would you like the perfect Chinese Shar-Pei – well-behaved and happy - in just 11 days? A Shar-Pei that really listens to what you want, respects you and is a joy to own?

And wouldn’t you feel great if you could achieve this in a way that is totally risk-free, stress-free and fun for both you and your dog – and takes just two 10 minute sessions a day of your time?

If so, I know you’ll find this letter to be extremely valuable because what I’m about to tell you will blast away many common misconceptions about this special breed and reveal the astonishing truth: namely, that there is a right way and a wrong way to getting the best from, and for, your Shar-Pei.

Perfect family pet or dominant and aggressive danger?

Hi, my name’s Abigail Croft. I’m not a professional dog trainer or anything fancy but I am mad about Chinese Shar-Peis and share my life with Bo, a beautiful fawn, brush-coat dog.

If you’re anything like me, I’m guessing that what attracted you to Shar-Peis in the first place was a combination of two things: first that Shar-Peis are the most unusual and adorable looking dogs in the whole World, and second the commonly shared view that – with their compact size and moderate exercise needs – Shar-Peis make the perfect family pet.

For me, this amazing combination made the question as to whether to buy my own Shar-Pei a no-brainer. But, as I soon found out, all is not quite as it seems…

Okay, there’s no doubting that Shar-Peis are the most adorable dogs: all those wrinkles and that great big hippopotamus head!…Who can resist? But what few people will tell you is that these dogs have distinct behaviour patterns hard-wired into their brains that make them very different from any other dog.

Or, to put it another way,

If you fail to understand what makes your Shar-Pei tick, you’ll be tearing your hair out with frustration.

I know, because I found out the hard way.

Allow me to go back to the beginning…

I first brought Bo home when he was only 7 weeks old. I’d always had dogs in the family as a child (although never a Shar-Pei) and I applied exactly the same training methods to Bo that I remembered my parents using with our family dogs.

An all-too-common problem

Imagine my shock and frustration when, far from becoming the delightful, happy and well-behaved pet I’d always longed for, Bo became stubborn, destructive and, increasingly, quite aggressive.

In the first 6 months alone, he:

  • Urinated (and worse) all over my floors on pretty much a daily basis, even though I sternly told him off. I used newspaper and even special training pads, but nothing seemed to work

  • Chased and caught my neighbor’s pet cat, inflicting serious injuries that cost over $500 to treat

  • Chewed his way through two dog beds, my husband’s cell phone and the legs of two of our expensive oak dining chairs

  • Started growling at me whenever I or anyone else in the family tried to take anything away from him or asked him to get off the couch

  • Transformed my garden into something that looked like the surface of the moon

  • Frequently disappeared when I let him off the leash and would not come back

  • Started humping my visitors’ legs

  • Turned over my garbage (on several occasions) and helped himself to the contents, cutting his mouth once on a tin can and costing me an expensive vet’s bill

  • Got overly aggressive to other dogs in my local park

  • Refused to sit or stay in situations where I needed to control him

Sound familiar? If you’re already a Chinese Shar-Pei owner, I’m prepared to bet my bottom dollar that by now you’re beginning to mutter “Tell me about it!” because what I know now, is that all of these behaviours are very common in Shar-Peis.

If you’re not yet a Shar-Pei owner, you might find Bo’s list of escapades quite amusing but, I can tell you, I was at my wit’s end. Bo was making my life a misery and I felt I couldn’t trust him with anything. And the most upsetting thing was that he really didn’t seem to like me that much.

I started by looking in almost all the corner bookstores around. I found many books authored by so-called ‘dog experts’, bought them happily and started reading. But when I applied the tips given, many of them just didn’t seem to work.

Most of the books I read didn’t work…because they were dog books, NOT Shar-Pei books

I quickly came to the conclusion that either Bo was a doggy freak or these so-called dog experts couldn’t possibly have ever had a Shar-Pei of their own. And desperate though I was, I wasn’t ready to give up on Bo yet so I chose to start the long process of trying to find out more about Shar-Peis, and here’s what I did:

  • Over the course of a few months I tracked down and communicated with 193 Shar-Pei lovers around the World, using internet forums and chat rooms to get their input and learn from their experiences

  • I spent many evenings in front of my computer searching for and reading every article I could find about Shar-Peis

  • I spent time with a professional dog trainer who had specific experience of training Shar-Peis and was able to give me the low-down on Shar-Pei behaviour problems and how to cure them and also simple but effective methods to specifically train Shar-Peis to sit, stay, lay down, come and more, and

  • I spoke to my vet and local veterinarian training hospital who gave me great advice on keeping a Shar-Pei healthy and how to prevent and cure common (and less common Shar-Pei illnesses and diseases.

It was hard work because there still aren’t that many Shar-Peis around, but boy was it worth it – and what an eye-opener!

I quickly found out from many other Shar-Pei owners that I wasn’t alone with my frustrations, which was a huge relief to me – and them.

Over Protective
I knew when we got Max that Shar-Peis had a reputation for being a bit aggressive but we’d had dogs before so I was confident that Max would be different. Things seemed to go well and he was absolutely fine with myself and my husband but by the age of 7 months he had become a nightmare when anyone came to visit. On one occasion we even had a friend who refused to come into the house because Max looked and sounded so mean. We realised we needed to do something fast and after searching on the internet came across ‘Shar-Pei Savvy’. What a find! It was such a relief to find a book written by someone who clearly had a real understanding of this special breed. Thank you so much!
Abi Foster Paterson, New Jersey

And what I discovered from the dog trainer was a real surprise. You see, it turns out Shar-Peis aren’t always the easy option so many of us are led to believe. What I hadn’t realised is that Chinese Shar-Peis have distinct behaviour patterns and that if these aren’t acknowledged, taken into account and dealt with in the right way, a Shar-Pei can quickly become a stubborn, destructive and hostile pet. I had been doing it all wrong – and I can’t tell you how guilty I felt.

The good news is that through my research, I also discovered that there is a simple, effective and kind way of communicating with and training your Shar-Pei that taps into the way their minds work and has them desperate to please you. The results are phenomenal and I was amazed: after only 11 days of consistently applying the knowledge I had learned, Bo was already becoming a different dog. He was so much happier and calmer and really listened to what I asked of him. Two months later and he was the happy, well-behaved and fun dog I had always dreamed of. I was so happy.

I knew then that I had to share the information I had learned with as many Shar-Pei lovers as possible so that these beautiful dogs and their owners wouldn’t have to go through the same stresses that Bo and I did. And so I wrote:

Shar Pei Savvy

‘Learn How to Make Your Shar Pei
Happy, Healthy and Obedient’

Unlike many other dog books, ‘Shar-Pei Savvy’ contains all the useful knowledge, advice and tips I learned from Shar-Pei experts and Shar-Pei lovers (like you and I), rather than just generic advice about dogs. It’s jam-packed with the most effective tips and techniques for looking after your Shar-Pei.

Put simply, it contains everything you need to know about finding and living happily with your Chinese Shar-Pei - whether it be a puppy that needs training or an older dog with learned behaviors.

At last, fast and effective solutions to common Chinese Shar-Pei problems

‘Shar-Pei Savvy’ is easy to read and understand with step-by-step instructions for looking after your Shar-Pei.


  • When to give your Shar-Pei attention and when to ignore him – and why this is critical to good behavior

  • How to talk to your Shar-Pei so he will listen – it’s all to do with tone of voice but does not involve shouting

  • How to show your Shar-Pei who’s boss - just by the way you hold him

  • How the secret to rewarding good behavior is all in the timing – get it wrong and you’re wasting your time, and your dog’s

  • The most effective way to obedience train a stubborn Shar-Pei and why “do as I say” methods are unlikely to work

I finally have her undivided attention and it was so easy...
“Before I found your Chinese Shar Pei guide, trying to train Esther was probably the most frustrating thing I have ever done. I might as well have been talking to myself. She would either roam around the room completely ignoring me or else grab onto my sleeves with her teeth and try and make everything into a huge game. No matter how much I told her off or shouted at her, she just couldn’t care less. Thankfully, after 3 weeks of working through Shar Pei Savvy, I finally have her undivided attention and it was so easy – if only I had known sooner!”
Bethany Owen New York City

  • A simple way to prevent your Shar-Pei from chewing anything he shouldn’t – without the need to buy expensive sprays and deterrents

  • Why it is that Shar-Peis are more likely to chase and be aggressive towards other animals and the single most important thing you must do to prevent this

  • The sure-fire way that is guaranteed to get your Shar-Pei to respect you – and doesn’t involve shouting or spanking

  • Why rough methods of training simply don’t work with Shar-Peis and can actually make them harder to train

  • 4 reasons why your dog could be soiling your house and how to toilet train your Shar-Pei quickly and stress-free (with no newspaper or training pads in sight)

  • How to prevent your Shar-Pei from becoming obese – essential advice if you want to avoid expensive veterinary bills

  • How to reprogram your Shar-Pei’s mind so that he is desperate to please you

Dealing With Dominance
When Homer was just a pup I had found it quite amusing when he refused to get off my bed or the couch and had even made it into a bit of a game. But as he grew bigger and started to growl at me I realized it was getting out of hand. Fortunately, since following the advice in your section on how to become a pack leader, Homer stopped being confrontational and he knows that if he wants a nap he has to use his own bed!
Bradley Williams , Miami, FL

  • What all Shar-Peis need to become happy and loving companions

  • How to avoid the irritation and distress of fleas on your dog – and in your house

  • How to prevent your Shar-Pei from becoming bored and destructive – even when you’re not able to give him attention

  • Why your Shar-Pei runs away from you - and why running after him is the biggest mistake you can make

  • A simple way to prevent the pain and embarrassment of being dragged along on the leash by your dog

  • The everyday household items that could harm your Shar-Pei and how to effectively dog-proof your house and garden so you can relax in the knowledge he is safe

  • How to ensure your Shar-Pei’s nutritional needs are met - and how the timing of his meals can have a massive impact on his behavior

  • A common household item that acts as a simple, inexpensive and highly effective way to get rid of ticks – and will save you a trip to the vet

  • The most important thing you can do to make sure that your Shar-Pei is happy, confident and friendly with other people and animals

  • Help with choosing your Shar-Pei’s name - and why ‘Joe’ may cause confusion…

  • The best way to prepare your Shar-Pei for trips to the vet so that neither he, nor you, get stressed

  • Vital steps you must take if you want your Shar-Pei and your children to play safely and become friends

I feel really well prepared...
If I’d known how many health issues Shar-Peis can have – and how costly they are to treat – I might never have got Kazoo in the first place. But now he is very much a part of the family and, thanks to your guide, I feel really well prepared to know what signs to look for and when to seek professional help. Thanks.
Cat Francis Newark, NJ

  • The most effective way to teach a Shar-Pei to sit, stay, lay down, fetch and come. It’s fun for both of you and covered in easy, step-by-step, 10 minute training sessions

  • When to take your dog to the vet: advice on how to spot common and not-so-common illnesses, and First Aid for dogs that could save your pet’s life

  • What steps you can take to make sure your Shar-Pei lives a long and healthy life – learn how best to cater for his needs at different stages in his life

…and much, much more!

Enjoy peace of mind – and an unbeatable offer...

Okay, tell me if I’m wrong, but I’m guessing that by now you’re probably thinking “Hey, this promise of a happy, healthy and obedient Shar-Pei sounds like just what I need but, you know what, I don’t know who the heck this Abigail Croft woman is and I’m worried about being taken for a ride.”

And you know what? I don’t blame you. I feel exactly the same about the many offers for different things I see made on the internet every day. There are a lot of people out there who are just after a quick buck and really don’t care about the quality of their product - or about what their customers think.

So, just to make sure you’d feel 100% comfortable about choosing my Shar-Pei guide, I sat down and thought really hard about what I personally would expect by way of reassurance from someone selling to me – and believe you me, I’m quite a hard task-master!

So, here’s what I came up with - and what I’m happy to offer you:

Money-back guarantee: you’ve already read some of the many testimonials from Chinese Shar-Pei lovers like you who have followed the tips and techniques in my guide with amazing success: achieving happy, stress-free and rewarding relationships with their Shar-Peis. So here’s what I’d like you to do: I’m so confident that ‘Shar-Pei Savvy’ will make a massive and positive impact on your Shar-Pei that I want you to use the guide for yourself for 90 days with no risk whatsoever. That’s right! Try out the suggested training methods and solutions to behavioral problems with your Shar-Pei and if they don’t work, or for some reason they’re not suitable, get you money automatically refunded in full – no questions asked.

Free and unlimited email advice : Check this out... The price you pay includes unlimited, ongoing free support and advice by email. That’s right, you heard! I don’t just send you the guide and abandon you. Oh no. You can email me anytime with any query you have about your Shar-Pei’s health, training or behavior – as many times as you like - and I promise I’ll promptly get back to you. Let’s say you don’t quite understand something in the book, or the advice doesn’t seem to be working, simply drop me an email and I’ll do my very best to help you out. How’s that for service? And I tell you something, I don’t know of anyone else offering this level of customer satisfaction – anywhere!

Amazing value for money: While I was doing my research for this Shar-Pei guide, I was shocked at the prices some of my competitors are trying to charge for their books about Shar-Peis. Why not take a look yourself? I can tell you something, it’s not the kind of money I had available to spend.

The way I see it, I want as many people as possible to learn the kind and fun way to living happily with their Shar-Peis. Shar-Peis are such special dogs and it breaks my heart to hear stories from people who have become so frustrated and desperate that they’ve had their Shar-Pei re-homed.

I want all Shar-Pei owners to understand how the Shar-Pei’s mind works - that there is a right way and a wrong way to looking after these beautiful dogs – so that fewer Shar-Peis fall off the rails and so that all owners can experience the same pleasure and joy that I have experienced with my own dog.

With that in mind, it’s important to me that this guide is affordable for everyone. So I’m making no apologies for not offering any gimmicky discounts; the price you see is the price you pay…

“Shar-Pei Savvy” is yours for just $27.75 – that’s less than the cost of a family trip to the movies!

And if it saves you just one trip to the vet or one pair of chewed up shoes, you’re already on to a winner.

But that’s not all…

4 free gifts: In researching ‘Shar-Pei Savvy’ I read three ebooks that provide outstanding knowledge and information for dog owners.

I was so impressed with their quality that I approached the authors and managed to purchase the resell rights. As a fellow Chinese Shar-Pei lover, I am happy to give you them for free:

Free Gift #1
The Dog Lovers Guide

This collection of help and advice is perfect for learning how to care for your Shar-Pei.

The sections on looking after an older dog and how to find you dog if you lose him or her are essential reading.

Price: $17.95 Free

Free Gift #2
Dog Problems Solved!

Most owners of Shar-Pei have problems with them at some time. This brilliant book will show you how solve them quickly and easily.

Price: $19.99 Free

Free Gift #3
The Experts Guide To Training Your Dog

Professional Dog Trainers and Behaviorists reveal their secrets on how to train the perfect Shar-Pei.

Just follow this guide and you'll have the best behaved Shar-Pei in the Neighborhood.

Price: $24.75 Free

Free Gift #4
Fun Things To Do With Your Dog

Whether you only have a few minutes or all day to play with your Shar-Pei, here you will find hundreds of ideas for you and your family to do with your dog.

Price: $14.95 Free

Unlimited Personal Email Advice

We have been very thorough in covering all aspects of owning a healthy and obedient Shar-Pei. However all Shar-Pei and their owners are unique.

In order to help you personally I will give you my private email address so that I can support you further by answering any specific queries you may have about your own Shar-Pei.

Price: $97.95 Free

Too good to be true?
If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed now and wondering if there’s a catch, I can promise you there isn’t any. I am a genuine Shar Pei lover, with years of experience in looking after this breed, and my priority is to make sure that you get honest advice about how to successfully look after your Shar Pei.

Shar Pei Savvy

‘Learn How to Make Your Shar Pei
Happy, Healthy and Obedient’

For only $27.75 you'll have:
1. Shar Pei Savvy - Your Ultimate Guide To Make Your Shar-Pei Happy, Healthy And Obedient!
2. The Dog Lovers Guide - 199 things you need know to make your life easier and your Shar-Pei's life happier - $17.95
3. Dog Problems Solved! - Solve problems with your dog quickly and easily - $19.99
4. The Experts Guide To Training Your Dog - Easy dog training tips and tricks so you can have the best behaved Shar-Pei in the Neighborhood - $24.75
5. Fun Things To Do With Your Dog - Hundreds of great ideas for you and your family to do with your dog. - $14.95
6. Unlimited Email Consultations - All the personal help, advice and support you need to train and care for your Shar-Pei - $97.95
The total value of this great package is $203.34 but you only pay $27.75.

So, what are you waiting for?

You owe it to yourself to have the best possible relationship with your Chinese Shar-Pei – and now you can. What’s more, you can get started right now, today. It couldn’t be easier. Simply click on the link below to be taken to our secure order form…


I can’t wait to hear from you.

Warmest regards,

Abigail Croft

P.S. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

P.P.S. Remember, if for any reason you find that the tips and techniques in ‘Shar-Pei Savvy’ are not suitable for you, you are protected by my 100% ironclad, money-back guarantee for 90 days after your purchase.

P.P.S. The price you pay for ‘Shar-Pei Savvy’ includes unlimited email support and 3 free gifts, together valued at $27.75. I challenge you to find anyone else, anywhere, who can equal this incredible offer.